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A charity movement based on electronic music


What Is TrainMovement?

This project and the original idea behind was created by Moin Saedloo, the founder of Train Movement. He came up with the initial idea of it about 10 years ago when he was trying to setup a company in Budapest named Manual Activity which was to donate part of the earnings from their events to charities. This project was stopped due to the sanctions against Iran and closure of Iranian companies in Budapest.
Moin later moved to Berlin and start promoting for couple of years and then back to Iran and started the TrainMovement project in 2019 with his friend Alex Abba CEO of Bistlist Company.
According to quotes from Moin, The main purposes of launching this idea was to make videos that show spectacular nature and sightseeing of Iran (and maybe beyond borders in the future) as well as introduction of electronic music artists specially the Iranian ones through those videos.

What Is Our Purpose?

The name is also referring to movement of a train which evokes the journey that has started from several places in Iran and will be continued through other cities and hopefully other countries in the future. There are no physical audiences in these videos and 15% of the income has been dedicated to charities such as “Mahak” and “Yeki Hastim” organizations.
The Train Movement also intends to do these charities independently in the future instead of working with other charities. The purpose of this part was to support the electronic music scene in a way beyond partying and dancing and to show other dimensions of electronic music culture to people around the world.
We must honestly mention that unfortunately, due to the distortedness around the world about Iran, the attitude of the people around the world towards Iran has been very wrong and limited. Iran has countless various beautiful and unique nature from north to south, some of which are even unknown to Iranian people and we very much hope that in this way we can help to create the right perspective of Iran and it’s talented artists who are very numerous here to the people around the world.
The Train Movement has been in charge of finding these places in this collaborative project, and according to the atmosphere of each of these places, the artists try to create a proper combination of their music and the location. As you can see in Siamak Amidi’s video in an abandoned train station in “Bon-e Kuh”, he tried to implement these points by playing his own produced techno’s, which have created a very suitable composition with the atmosphere specially with having trains moving behind him in the video.