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Moin Saedloo

Who is Moin Saedloo?
Moin Saedloo (born and raised ; 8 May 1984 in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian-based artist, best known as a techno DJ and producer, as well founder of TrainMovement. In recent years, he has also made endeavours into Music and Nature, and is the joint owner of TrainMovement brand . In 2019 he launched first episode of TrainMovement and digital platform of the same name.

Where Is Fandoghloo Jungle (Heyran)?

Fandoghloo Jungle is one of the sights of Namin in Ardabil province, which is located in the south of Namin city. The distance from Fandoghloo Jungle to Ardabil is 39 km, to Astara 67 km and to Tehran 626 km.There are few places where you can watch wild deer up close, eat wild fruits and pick flowers from a plain full of fragrant flowers with medicinal properties. So we are not exaggerating if we say that Fandoghloo Jungle is a unique region.The area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis forest is about 25 km and its altitude is 1500 meters above sea level, which reaches 1850.
The most western part of the Hyrcanian forests is the Fandoghloo Jungle. It is located near the Heyran Valley and south of Namin. The border areas of the northern green nature with the southern slopes of Alborz and the western areas of the border of Gilan province have a special nature and interesting views. At these points, the two climates collide, resulting in ever-changing climates and areas with special vegetation and forests. Fandoghloo Jungle is the point of confrontation between the dry and cold air of Ardabil region and the hot and humid air of Gilan. That is why most days of the year are foggy here and even on the hottest days of summer you can see the flow of clouds at low altitudes.

Moin Saedloo